Why Bother to Vote?

Monday, October 31, 2005


-from my collection of thoughts on America's steep moral/cultural decline, "Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder":

166) Why vote?:

Clever (or ignorant) elites on both the left and right try to convince you that democracy is "mob rule"--that your elected "representatives" in Congress are to do their own bidding, not yours, in voting to influence outcomes for "your" nation's future.

Do you know that America isn't really a democracy?

Do you know that this democratic republic isn't really democratic?

Do you know that the idea "majority rule" in a democracy is a greater tyranny than minority rule or rule by dictatorship?

Do majorities rule here?

Do you wonder why elites are befuddled by low voter turnout?

Are you an informed voter?


So when you vote, do you care if your would-be congressman agrees with your views on domestic and foreign matters?

When you vote, do you think that your would-be congressman will follow his campaign promises regarding those matters?

Why would you vote if you knew that "representatives" and senators are morally free to disregard all campaign positions and vote their own conscience against the majority's wishes?

Why would you vote if you elect only "representative" and senatorial dictators who decide matters apart from constituents' views?

And why would you need to be an i n f o r m e d voter if your representatives and senators decide for you?

This is rule by dictator not democracy--or rule by corporate greed and socialist engineering.

What the m a j o r i t y of Founders believed can be summed up with the words of Thomas Jefferson:

"The first principle of republicanism is, that the lex-majoris partis [the law of the majority] . . . is the first of all lessons in importance, yet the last which is thoroughly learnt. This law once disregarded, no other remains but that of force, which ends necessarily in military despotism."

Jefferson knew that the far greater tyranny is minority rule:

"How soon the labor of men would make a paradise of the whole earth, were it not for misgovernment, and a diversion of all his energies from their proper object - the happiness of man - to the selfish interest of kings, nobles, and priests" (1825), having seen laid out behind him millennia of despotic dictators and kings and elite cabals oppressing the majority for evil ends, and which kind of oppression America's white Christian majority -- America's founding race and culture -- has suffered under m i n o r i t y cabals of progressive Jews, liberal "Christians" and atheistic humanists in the New Left Movement's special-rights causes for women and minorities.

Ponder the stupidity of touting the idea "democracy" while at the same time decrying majority rule.

That's what evil elites do!

We, the people, suffer the distortion that our representatives are to exercise our majority will when they vote; we suffer the misperception that this is government of and for and by American citizens.

-Founders' America